The Blue Steel Blues Society was developed to help bring awareness and education to the community about The Blues while also introducing & bringing talented musicians to the area. Our goal is to bring a new & exciting approach by creating a community where everyone feels equal, included, and heard. We have many goals for our future and are looking forward to bringing a fresh outlook to the Blues in Indiana! 

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Blues Foundation IBC Challenge 2024 

There was so much talent on Beale Street!

Congratulations to this years' 3rd Place Winner, our band Mandalyn And The Hunters!

What a week in Memphis for The Blues Foundation IBC Challenge! 

Mandalyn And The Hunters were relentless starting off with the very first night killing it and then they were asked to run the jam at Blues City Café. 

This is an international competition and they competed against 70 bands from all over to win 3rd Place. 

This makes 3 years in a row Indiana has made the semis with previous bands including  Head Honchos Band and Derek Caruso & The Blues Fuse

Our next local challenge will be in September we hope we have some solo/duo acts trying this year. We would love to be represented in every category. 

Special thanks to The Blues Foundation President Kimberly Horton and production guru Joe Whitmer and the rest of the crew for all your hard work! It takes a village for all of this to work and we are proud to be in it!